#KofiWriters: 6 months on Ko-fi

I don’t remember when I first signed up for this Ko‑fi but my page sat untouched and empty for a very long time. It wasn’t until January 2021 that I really started updating it. Then, I was quickly invited to become a Ko‑fi ambassador on the 18th (because I was sharing my stuff very enthusiastically all over my Instagram account).

I have had a ton of success, and know that I’m very lucky to say that. Not because Ko‑fi makes it hard to do well (they actually make it very easy and many people have fundraised their goals), but because my AuthorTube audience followed me from YouTube and decided they liked me enough to make donations and shop purchases (which don’t yet move the progress bar, but will soon, which I’m excited for).

Their support (time) has meant the world to me since I started my channel at the end of June 2020. But that they were willing to simply donate towards the not cheap goal of a new MacBook Pro laptop (despite all authors knowing the right device is very important) still boggles my mind. I posted when I met the goal on May 29th, if you’re interested.

As an Ambassador, I’ve also chatted up Ko‑fi with many of my fellow creators and have tried to convince some people away from Patreon, to create a Ko‑fi instead (if they haven’t started a fundraising page at all), or to revamp their pages as I did.

I’m going to spread the love here of fellow authortubers who have followed me here (in alphabetical order):

  • @amandanewmanauthor
  • @asrenner
  • @authorjessielliott
  • @beccacsmith
  • @breebuonomo
  • @carrowbrown
  • @cavanaughwrites
  • @glorywritestheblues
  • @hayleyhcreates
  • @jennastreety
  • @kelliwright
  • @moonbunnycreative
  • @reginaduke
  • @sakotumi
  • @vialetnapisom
  • @writehollydavis

Go to https://ko-fi.com/username; replace “username” with what comes after the @ for any of the items on the above list to see their pages (in different levels of activity/set up).

I recommend Ko‑fi to everyone but as it can appear to be a visual art-centered site, here are some ideas if you’re a writer on here (or considering joining):

  • share behind-the-scenes content
  • ask for story feedback
  • post writing updates
  • do cover reveals (if you’re self-publishing, or if you’re traditionally published include Ko‑fi in the platforms you share on, too)
  • set up memberships to get a reliable income (like Patreon but on top of having Ko-fi’s better features — least of which is only costing $6/month instead of up to $20/month on Patreon)
  • share life updates
  • share reasons why you are fundraising for your public goal
  • write blog posts and other content to make your page a central hub
  • set up a shop to sell things (books, or other things — including digital items)*
  • open commissions (if you have a service to offer)*

*the $6/month for Ko‑fi Gold removes the 5% that Ko‑fi takes from shop and commission purchases; donations are always untouched/100% yours

I’m going to continue doing all of the above suggestions and may do even more as I brainstorm extra ideas as time goes on/Ko-fi adds more features.

If you’re staring at the empty progress bar on my page in confusion, it’s because I’m already fundraising for my 2nd goal (Alina Starkov cosplay), and I haven’t yet reached 1% in donations (shop purchases don’t count yet). If you’d like to make a donation, I’d really appreciate it!

Monthly supporters get access to my supporter-exclusive Discord where people can host their own writing sprints, chat, and provide feedback to each other about writing.

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